Workers Compensation

construction worker on construction site

The California Workers Compensation Laws and procedures are some of the most complicated in the nation. Attorney Lisa McLean , the head of the Workers Compensation section of C&M, as a State Certified Specialist in Workers Compensation, and her excellent team have helped their clients navigate through the turbulent waters of the law getting their clients significant disability payments, medical care and settlements. Lisa and her partner Jim Cunningham have over 50 years of combined practice helping injured workers throughout the State. Here is a recent article Lisa wrote in the Carlsbad City Employees Newsletter explaining what to do if you are injured on the job.

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So I was injured at work, what now?

Injuries introduce themselves in different manners. Some are simple, you pick something up and you feel a strain in your low back. Others are not so obvious. You feel a twinge in your shoulder and it goes away for a couple of days, then comes back.

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